Findhorn (Scotland)

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In queste pagine trovate i miei report di viaggio, gallerie fotografiche e varie informazioni  utili per chi decida di andare a Findhorn. In totale ho vissuto a Findhorn per 20 mesi.

Gallerie Fotografiche/ Photo Galleries


Come andare a Findhorn/ How to go to Findhorn

This is to provide information to the many people who contact me to receive advice on how to visit Findhorn. I left Findhorn in March 2008 and I still have contact with people there, but consider that some of the information here could become obsolete quickly. So please double check.

If you have additional information please post a comment so the other people can benefit of it.

Travelling to Findhorn

Until 2008 the cheapest way was to flight with Ryanair (at least from Italy) to Glasgow Prestwick. From the airport you take the train (half price for Ryanair passengers) to Glasgow central station and walk to the Buchanan Bus station (20 minutes). If you do not want to walk you can take a bus at Glasgow Prestwick airport which will bring you directly to Buchanan bus station.

Then you take Megabus to Inverness. Book in advance at It is extremely cheap if you book in advance on line. It is about 4 hours from Glasgow to Inverness.

When you arrive to Inverness you take a local bus (stagecoach) to Forres. From Forres you can arrange to be collected from your host.

More details are available at, both in Italian and English.

Where to stay

These are the possibilities I currently know:

  • Findhorn Foundation. This is the educational organization which was founded by the founders as “Findhorn”. Currently it is the biggest of the area and it counts about 150 members. The wider Findhorn community is 500 people though. So the Foundation is not the majority of people. There is an interesting dynamics and discussion going on in Findhorn about the relationship and meaning of the foundation and the myriads of other things existing there. It seemed to me that the Findhorn Foundation cannot be considered as “Findhorn” anymore, but as a very important part of it. Probabily it may still thought as a kind of core of the Community.

The foundation offer many courses and programmes. You can check out their website Here are the most important ones for a first visit. Please check out details and updates on the Findhorn Foundation web site:

  • Experience Week. This is a very long seasoned programme which is a sort of myth of Findhorn. Most of the people belonging to the foundation or many living at Findhorn passed through this week and they were called to remain. However the experience week have different outcomes. Some people who have already had a long experience with spiritual practices and group sharing may find it a bit light. People at the first experience may find it really life changing and inspiring. It is not possible to know for sure before trying out. The EW is a bit expensive for someone (about 350 pounds) but you can also ask for a bursary.
  • Working Week in the Park. There is also this possibility which is much cheaper (about 100 pounds). This is a simple programme of work exchange which has not the structure and support of the experience week. But you can taste the beautiful way Foundation people have to work together.
  • WWOOF. This is a world wide work exchange programme in organic farms. See details at . You need to subscribe to the WWOOF UK for about 20 pounds (it holds for a year). You work 6 hours a day for 5 days a week and receive full board for free.
    WWOOF  is provided in Findhorn in two locations:

    • Newbold House ( You are allowed to stay up to two weeks as a wwoofer, than you need to move to their charged programmes. Accommodation is in caravans in the garden (very cosy). Check out
    • Woodhead co-housing (no web site). This is a very nice cohousing of long term Findhornian families. They have a beautiful vegetable garden. Ask me for email address if you are interested. They have few places so it may be difficult to find a vacancy.
  • Newbold House. In addition to WWOOF they have their own guest programme. They charge about 80 pounds a week at the beginning and then you may decrease to nothing with the time. Check Newbold House has recently (Jan2011) become an eco co-housing project, but still has a resident community and still run a program of workshops. Check their website for updates.
  • Shambala Retreat Centre. In Findhorn there is also a Tibetan Buddhist centre which is run by long term Findhornians so it is very much integrated in the community. They allow volunteers. You will work for 6 days a week 6 hours a day in exchange of full board. Contact them for more details. (Jan2011) Shambala is going to close due to financial difficulties. Check with them if they are still accepting volunteers.
  • Findhorn Camp. During the summer you can rent a caravan or park your own in the Findhorn Park. Check out their web site on the Findhorn Foundation pages.
  • B&B. They are a bit expensive, expecially in the park. You may find their list either on and
  • Flats, Rooms, etc.. Of course you can find many opportunities to rent a room or a flat. Sometimes people in Findhorn go on holiday and give out their house for a cheap price. The Rainbow Bridge (weekly magazine of Findhorn) is the main source to find out these options. You can receive it by email subscribing to the New Findhorn Association. Their web site is
  • Pluscarden Abbey. About 10 miles form Findhron there is this beautiful benedectine monastery which offer work exchange and accommodation by donation. Many Findhorn wanderers passed through it. If you stay there you may have small chances to be close to the community activities though. Check out at
  • Erraid Community. This is a kind of Findhorn colony on a remote island in the west coast. It may be worth to try out. They have wwoof and seasonal volunteer programmes. Their web site is .


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